The journey in web development began in the late 90s, during the early days of the internet. My family had recently gotten our first modern Windows PC and we got online with our sweet dial-up Earthlink account. I was a high school kid with a summer vacation looming, and I had plans for that PC. Back then, I was captivated by the possibilities of creating my own websites and sharing my interests with others online. However, back then, there weren’t really any good WYSIWYG editors, so I’d have to learn to code. It all started with learning HTML, the fundamental building block of web pages. My first website was dedicated to one of my favorite TV shows, The Simpsons. It was a simple site, but it ignited my passion for web development. The way I implemented framesets was a thing of beauty.

As technology advanced, I felt the need to broaden my skills. I learned about CSS. I suffered through the javascript browser wars, having to code for IE and Netscape’s versions. In the early 2000s, I delved into PHP, a powerful scripting language for web development. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. I wanted to create a dynamic and interactive online presence, so I built my own journal site using PHP. It was a way for me to express myself and connect with others through the internet. However, like with any attempt I make at online journaling/blogging, that site never was maintained.

In 2006, I learned about WordPress and started tinkering with that as a framework for quickly creating websites. I dabbled with lots of other PHP frameworks during this time (CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter) – just enough to understand how they work, but never for a production-ready projects. In 2015, I was introduced to the awesome power of Laravel as a framework for enterprise-level development, and that became my de-facto framework and has been used for many projects.

In 2011, I took on a new challenge as the leader of a team of web developers at Media Solutions. Our primary focus was on developing a comprehensive platform of turnkey products and services tailored specifically for independent grocers throughout the United States. This opportunity allowed me to leverage my skills and expertise to build a robust and scalable solution that catered to the unique needs of the grocery industry. Over the years, our platform expanded, offering a wide range of features such as e-commerce capabilities, inventory management, customer loyalty programs, and more. It was a rewarding experience to see our efforts making a tangible impact on the success of independent grocers.

At the beginning of 2023, the decision was made to leave my position at Media Solutions, seeking a new challenge and a chance to further expand my skills. I am excited about the prospect of building up a new product or project from scratch. The ever-evolving nature of web development keeps me motivated to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies and industry trends. I am eager to embrace the next chapter of my career, explore new horizons, and contribute my expertise to create innovative solutions.

My passion for web development has spanned decades, starting with simple HTML websites and gradually evolving into more complex projects involving PHP and leading a team of developers. My experience at Media Solutions provided invaluable insights into building scalable and industry-specific solutions. Now, I am eager to take on new challenges, expand my skill set, and contribute to the development of innovative products that make a difference.